Friday, September 15, 2006

Blame the parties for messed-up primary

This letter to the editor appeared in the Olympian on September 15, 2006.

Here we are in the middle of an election. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have their candidates.

Does it make any difference what party you are affiliated with? The people of our state want the most qualified person representing them in the Legislature or an any elected government position. We don't want mudslinging or things out of the past 10-20 or more years ago.

We want people who understand the problems and truly represent the people, not a political party or special interest group or lobbyists. We Washingtonians pride ourselves on our independence. Vote for the most qualified person, not the party.

Also, thanks to the Democrats and Republicans, we are limited in the primary to voting either all Democrat ticket or all Republican ticket or for nonpartisan races only. But why do the taxpayers have to "foot the bill" for this when it is the two major parties that wanted this change. What good is it that the major parties hold state conventions. Isn't that where they should pick their candidates to run? We the people then will decide who will represent us.

Vote for the person, not the party affiliation.

Don Beatty, Olympia

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