Sunday, September 17, 2006

Remind me why I need to pick-a-party

In today's Tacoma News Tribune, Peter Callaghan notes in 2006 the parties have not given us much to choose from and spoilage rates on ballots are extremely high. Voters are either confused by the pick-a-party system or do not like it and are registering their protest. Spoilage rates are between 10 and 20% around the state. Mostly due to voters failing to mark their party preference.

The state of Washington needs to replace the pick-a-party system. Pierce County voters can go a long ways towards replacing the much despised pick-a-party system by supporting Amendment #3 in November. Amendment #3 would replace the pick-a-party system with Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for county level officials. Where IRV is used the spoilage rates are less than 1% and voter surveys show that voters like IRV over 4 to 1.

Pierce County can take a leadership position in the state by voting Yes on Amendment #3 in November. If Pierce County passes Amendment #3, then the state will have an alternative to consider for our election system.

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Johnrob46 said...

I was a Dumbocrat until I turned 35 then I felt they went to far left, then I became a Republicrap then during Bush one, they became to wishy/washy. So I voted for the best qualified to me regardless of party. Now the aboved mentioned partys say my way or no way, I say BS. If the partys want their best and brightest they would bow to the wants of the people. (read the preamble to the consitution) We the people. If not when we have a primary let the partys pay for it prorated by dividing the number of votes and charging each party by precentage of their votes. I think they would change their minds if they and not the tax payer had to foot the bill.