Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's past time to get rid of the government's party system

This letter to the editor appeared in the Olympian on September 6, 2006.

Having received my new voters pamphlet, I am again reminded of how unfair our new primary system of voting is, and how unwise the individuals who drafted the new method were to arrive at this system. I have said this before and will say it again: "It is long past the time for America to do away with our party system of government."

Why should it be unconstitutional to cross vote for the best man for the job or office, regardless of party affiliation?

When the courts ruled that doing so was unconstitutional, the courts were not and could not have been reading the same Constitution that our forefathers designed, wrote and signed into law governing our nation. I find no reference to the citizens having to choose to vote along any particular party lines. Requiring them to do so should be declared unconstitutional.

I personally have a dilemma. I want to vote for Kevin O'Sullivan, a Republican, and also vote for Dan Kimball, a Democrat. The courts, by their rulings, are forcing me to prioritize my feelings between these two very worthwhile candidates.

By forcing me to vote for only one of them during the primary, I just might have been the necessary vote for the other one to make the general election.

This is so wrong, it stinks to high heaven. There is more I would love to say, but space is limited.

Dan Beedle, Olympia

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