Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ballot went to shredder

This letter to the editor appeared in the Columbian on Sunday, September 17, 2006.

After reading Tom Koenninger's Sept. 13 opinion column, "Bring back the blanket primary," I had to respond.

The response goes to those who decided to set this primary up, and that response is "who do you think you are?" As soon as I got the ballot and saw that I had to choose a political party in order to cast my vote, I reread everything again to make sure I understood. I then took my ballot to my shredder.

As an American and a military veteran I have earned the right to vote, and you have taken that right away by forcing me, and everyone, to declare a political party in order to cast a vote in a primary election. Is the next step our local, state, and national elections?

To all of those in the Republican and Democratic parties, and to those in the judicial system who supported this concept, shame on you! Is this your idea of free elections as guaranteed by the Constitution and our freedoms?

I did vote, and my shredder has the results. Thanks for excluding me, and many others.

Bob Brown
Hazel Dell

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Anonymous said...

You are correct - our political parties should be assamed of themselves, this is definately a loss of constitutionality but.....

Shame on you too! Who are you hurting by disqualifying your vote?

At the very least you should become active (in a positive way) and fight to change it.

If you do not vote - you've basically lost everything.